Chair Caning and Weaving Rates

This list is a guide to give you an idea of how much your project will cost. All prices are estimates and subject to change based on variations in complexity and materials.

Hand caning is priced based on the number of pre-drilled caning holes in the seat frame. (see example below)

All other weaving styles are priced based on the diagonal measurement of the seat opening from one corner to the opposite corner. For round seats, the price is based on the diameter of the seat opening. (see examples below)

  • Hand Caning $3.00 per hole

    Strand caning using the seven-step method

  • Pressed Cane $9 per inch

    Pressed cane, machine cane, or cane webbing

  • Fiber Rush Weaving $9 per inch

    Paper fiber rush

  • Splint Weaving $8 per inch

    Herringbone pattern woven with splints or flat reed

  • Binder Cane Herringbone $10 per inch

    Herringbone pattern woven with 6 mm wide cane

  • Danish Cord $12 per inch

    Strong 3-ply fiber product

  • Shaker Tape $12 per inch

    Cotton webbing woven like splint seats

Minor restoration, repairs, and re-staining available, contact me for a custom quote.

I do not do upholstery work.

Count the number of holes around the frame for hand woven chairs.

How to measure for pressed/machine caned seats.

How to measure for fiber rush and splint/flat reed seats.